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Advertiser Testimonials:

“Prior to Coffee News, our marketing was hit or miss. Coffee News has been an inexpensive and effective tool to increase and promote our Canadian Meds business. We have received a good reception from readers and our business has increased significantly (and yes, we track it) since advertising with Coffee News.” – Victoria Firnstahl, Manager for Canadian Meds


Reader Testimonials:

“Coffee News has turned into something resembling a tradition for my family. For as long as I can remember, my wife and our two children, David and Brianne, have always gone out for lunch somewhere after church on Sunday. Several years ago, I brought a Coffee News to one of these lunches and we had a little contest using the 5 trivia questions that are in each issue. We enjoyed it and it turned into a regular part of our Sunday lunches. Brianne would read the questions. David would take everyone’s answers secretly (either by mouthing the answer, or by typing it in a notepad app on our phones). Then we would go back through and read the actual answers and see who got the most correct. If there’s a tie, someone looks up a trivia question on Google to break the tie. We’ve been doing this every week for years now. If friends join us for lunch, they play too. If Sunday lunch includes more of the family in celebration of a birthday, we all play. So as I’m out and about during the week, I’m always on the lookout for places that display Coffee News so I can pick up a new issue. David and Bri are grown now. David is still local (he’s a high school teacher) and joins us most Sundays for lunch. Bri has gotten married and moved to Las Vegas, but she knows to expect a text message Sundays around lunchtime – a picture of the 5 questions, to which she responds with her answers. Just thought you might like to know how one family looks forward to the Coffee News each week!” -Scott Johnson

“Oh my gosh thank you SO VERY MUCH for my $50.00 prize. I was sooooo surprised!! I was visiting with my almost 4-year-old grandson watching him for a few weeks while my son was away and I came home and was looking over my pile of mail and viola, my special gift! I just cannot thank you enough. Know this money came at a great time! As a Social Worker, many of my families are in need and this shall help me help them! I love your publication and appreciate it and your gift of kindness! Thanks again.” – Suzanne Fuqua

Thank you so much for printing our event submission for the Radiant Redz, Red Hat Society, announcement. We have already received two requests for membership! Coffee News Suncoast is so unique.

”I have LOVED Coffee News for years! I even made special stops at the locations including restaurants to pick it up ! Besides seeing the local company advertisements I need or might need in the future, and local events and activities my family and friends might love to attend in What’s Happening, I ALWAYS have enjoyed reading in the Coffee News the great Quotable Quotes, getting my brain going in the Trivia, there is always a laugh or two in On The Lighter Side and interesting stories in Everyone’s Talkin’ and something to learn in the Did You Know. And my Weekly Horoscopes may bring me a lottery win with the lucky numbers, true love, or good luck or Hope :).And last but not least, it is always fun to find the ‘hidden coffee guy’ in an ad or two for the contests. Though I must admit I need stronger glasses to find it every year.I always pass the Coffee News for others to read in my family as well. They always enjoy it ? “
-Victoria Fabiano

Distribution Locations Testimonials:

“We see people reading Coffee News at their tables and when left behind, we place them back in their newsstand. I enjoy reading it myself when I am waiting for take out at other restaurants”
-Kacey McGlone, Employee and Brayton Knotts, Owner
McAlister’s Deli, Tampa

“Customers love Coffee News. Some read it and put it back, but all are taken by the end of week!” -Owner, Bach to Rock, N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa